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This pyramid of awakening will allow your little ones to develop their motor skills and concentration. To avoid potentially dangerous paints, five Swiss wood species are used to manufacture this toy.


Awakening Pyramid

  • Description

    • 0-3 years
    • Promotes awakening
    • Exercises manual skill
    • Develops motor and visual coordination
    • Promotes perseverance
  • Dimensions

    12 x 12 x 12 cm

    • Base and 4 parts to stack
    • Rounded parts to avoid injuries
  • Product information

    All our toys are created by hand in the MH Bois Sàrl carpentry workshop, located in Duillier in the Canton of Vaud.


    The toys are created with local Suisse wood and are finished with a natural linseed oil, certified by the DFI Ordinance on the safety of toys to ensure the safety of our toys and the health and wellbeing of your children.

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